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Redefinition of users complete overhaul of the website
Design Thinking approach
UX-UI Design
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“I used the services of MSS to “re vamp” my older website to mirror the changes and evolution of Aquasana Thailand. I have to praise the patience of MSS’s designer, Marie who has been attentive and took time to understand a business like mine and why I chose things the way I did. I recommand MSS. If you like an attentive ear, a patient professional web designer to help you through this dreadful task, I highly recommend Marie at MSS.”
Savandara Arellano,
MD Arcadius Co. Limited Owner and founder of Aquasana Thailand


Aquasana, a brand created and known in the US for its innovation in NSF certified water filtration for over 24 years. Aquasana is a world famous brand that has established itself in Thailand for several years.

The overhaul of the Aquasana Thailand website will be based on the pillars of:

  • Family
  • Health
  • Ecology
  • The economy in households


Design a website offering as much information as possible on the ease of understanding, installation and use of Aquasana Thailand’s water filtration and recharging systems. Also a crucial point is to anticipate the technical questions of the users of Aquasana Thailand products. All this while providing a smooth and enjoyable user experience on all devices.


We used the Design Thinking method to identify who are the buyers of Aquasana Thailand products and classified them in order to determine their unmet and latent needs.

Then, we did a Benchmarking of the needs of each type of user adapted to each type of product. And finally, we put the user at the heart of our design by demystifying the water filter as a product that is difficult to install and financially inaccessible.


In agreement with the founder and director of Aquasana Thailand, we had to make compromises despite certain latent user needs that we had identified in advance.

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