social media marketing

Audit, collect, analyze & Implement to convert customers

Social Media Marketing

They are part of our daily life whether for personal or professional use. 

Some can be used for a customer service purpose. Others to build brand awareness of even win back a target audience. The effectiveness and use of these tend to be misunderstood and or misused. Leverage them is a real challenge because the customer is definitely no longer a passive customer.

What we do

Competitive analysis

content strategy

Facebook management

Facebook advertising


How It Works

Competitive analysis

During competitive analysis, we define precise KPI expectations. Each social network is unique and has its own specific audience. We will identify, collect, analyze and implement.


This can be a storytelling strategy that creates a personalized experience for your customers. This goes along with allocating the right budget to achieve success.


The return on investment is measured in different ways according to the objectives of your company (brand awareness, turnover, customer satisfaction, etc.). We use the S.M.A.R.T Goal-setting method.

Leverage social media